Energy efficiency

The building has been designed to be in energy class B when in standard use.


The building will be built on pile foundation. Monolith purlins made of reinforced concrete will be cast on top of posts and that will hold the constructions of the above floors.

Loadbearing- and external walls

On floors 2 to 4, the internal vertical supporting construction consists of walls made of hollow concrete blocks. The hollows and joints of the wall blocks are reinforced with single rods and concreted.

The outer walls are built of 3-layer reinforced concrete panels. The basement floor of the building will be painted with exterior wall paint in anthracite shade.

Interior walls

The non-bearing walls of the building are designed as brickwork of blocks or with walls made of drywall set on on lightweight frames. Choices are made, considering the needed soundproofness and fire resistance and are based on requirements and standards.

Intermediate floors

The horizontal supporting structures are prestressed hollow concrete panels. Rigid mineral wool will be placed on the panels and an overcoat made of fine concrete and reinforced with steel mesh is cast.


The bearing part of the combined roof is made of hollow panels. The insulation of the combined roof is set on top of the hollow panels. On top of it will be placed a hard mineral wool board that will have rubber bitumen roll material glued on it for waterproofing.

The rainwater runoff is organized through roof wells.


The heat conduction of the designed windows is U<0,8 W/m²K. The glas packets in heated rooms have a triple argon filling.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors are outward opening and with a low stainless threshold.


There is one elevator in the building from the parking floor to the living floors.

Electricity and low voltage

The buildings will be equipped with a modern electrical system that meets the demands and needs of today.

The apartment is equipped with a two-section electrical and low voltage shield, which has power current group protectors, low voltage cable distribution point and a potential space for data communication active devices. Needed lights and sockets will be installed in damp rooms and halls of apartments.

Data communication systems and data communication network and fire alarm systems will be installed in the building as inputs. On the basement floor of the building, there will be a data communication distribution cabinet that will be connected to the optical line of the service provider. The data communication network can be connected to the apartment's low-voltage shield through the data communication distribution cabinet.

Door phone system

The entrances to the buildings will be equipped with video-phone door systems. There will be color screen door phones in the apartments that also have a doorbell function.


The building has two heating rooms, both with two fully automatic heat exchangers (for floor heating and for hot water circles). The heating room is located in a technical room on the basement floor. The heat carrier is the water heated by district heating that is directed to the floor heating collectors. All apartments will be heated by the floor heating piping installed in concrete plates.


The ventilation of the apartments will be solved by the automatic silent operating mechanical air supply-exhaust units.

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