Terms of sale

A written bid is signed with the client, which is valid for 2 weeks, until a contract under the law of obligations is signed.

Contract under the law of obligations

A notarial sales contract under the law of obligations will be signed with the client that will include all the details of the transaction. A prepayment of 15% made by the Buyer is the prerequisite for signing the contract under the law of obligations.

Real right contract

The apartment building will be completed in April 2019 and then the notarial real right contract will be signed. The Buyer will pay the rest of sale price and the transfer of ownership of the apartment takes place.

The contract price includes

  • Readiness of the apartment according to the project documentation.
  • Fee for the construction and accession of utility networks (heating, electricity, water and sewage).
  • Readiness for data and phone connections.
  • Assigned storage room.

The contract price does not include

  • Notarial fees and state fees related to signing of a sales contract (will be paid by the buyer).
  • Data and telephone connection fees.
  • Bilaterally composed and possible calculations for changes added to the contract.

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Financial services are offered by Swedbank AS. The conditions are available at www.swedbank.ee. If necessary, contact a bank employee.

The initial annual percentage rate is 2,331% on the following conditions:

loan of €72 000; floating interest rate 2.20% per annum + 6 months' Euribor;

contract fee of €720; repayment period of 30 years; repayments 360;

sum of repayments €99 571,67;

total cost of credit €26 851,67; total sum of credit €100 291,67.

The loan agreement is secured with a mortgage and upon taking a loan, a home insurance contract must be entered into.

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